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was the answer when asked why he was hugging the pole.

Declan started going to the Co-Op’s class for two year olds today. All summer, whenever we talked about Gavin going to kindergarten, declan would pipe up with “Two’s class” – so everyone would know that he was going to school as well.
Here are some pictures post adventure:

Gavin had his first full day of kindergarten today. His favorite part was…

Recess and choice time.

Photos from starbucks below.

My Son Elvis


I just checked in on the boys before going to bed. Gavin’s all bundled and snoozing well and Declan’s pajamas were unzipped to his diaper. In being the concerned father, I go in and start zipping him up.

As his eyes opened up, I hear through his binky filled mouth

What are you doing? I want it unzipped

He rolls back over with his pajamas somewhat put back together and his father knowing to be a little more stealthy when it comes to adjusting his son’s sleeping attire.

Here sweetie, have some cereal from the bowl

Do you want to see your picture?

See how your face is all blotchy?

Gavin and Declan playing with Ben’s LEGOs.

Note D’s frustration

And a day at the wading pool with a side of pizza and Ben & Jerry’s


Gavin and Declan started a game where Declan rides in the stroller as a pilot (see pic). Gavin closes the hatch and Declan makes plane noises.


Declan needs “more power”

Here he is after his power juice.


So Gavin tried his first adult word yesterday, and it’s my fault. I muttered it under my breath and then waited to see how long it would take for Gavin to try it out.

Total time: less than 10 minutes.

We’re driving to the store, and Gavin asked if we could go to the Fabric Store. Lisa told him that we couldn’t because they were closing in about three minutes. Happily, Gavin said:

Da**it , right Declan

We then had the conversation about how there were adult words like there are adult beverages. That particular was fell into the adult word category and we didn’t want to hear it from him. We did give him plenty of alternative words (darn, rats, drat, jinkies, etc.) All was resolved…until we hear it later.

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