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Box of Rocks


Gavin, Declan and I are sitting in the car today. Dad: Gavin, what do you think we should get Mom for Christmas? G: Well, I think we should get her some shaving soap for her legs, or we could get her a box of rocks Ahhh, box of rocks it is.

The Other Guy


Talking to Gavin tonight about Preschool that starts up tomorrow. We were talking about his teachers, two of which are the same as before. Since Gavin’s going to a Catholic school, religion is part of the curriculum and he said about one of his teachers: Oh yeah, she’s big into God Then: She’s a big […]

Gavin Jokes


Brent cracked a great married people joke to me and made me laugh. Gavin came in asking what the joke was and I said it was a personal joke. He said “well I’m a person.”

Gavin not only showed us he can recognize both “on” and “off” when he sees them, he actually spelled them both without the words being in front of him. We’ve been doing dotted line words and numbers and having him trace them. Brent did Gavin K. LaMotte and offered it to Gavin and he said […]

Gavin is very excited about Christmas this year – current questions: How many days and nights until Christmas? Who is that present for? And so on.

This morning while looking at the very pretty sunrise, Gavin said the sky was so orange it was making Green Lake orange instead of green.

I picked up Gavin from preschool today and we took the bus home. As we boarded, Gavin states: It’s awfully blustery outside. A woman who heard Gavin asked: I’m sorry, did he say “blustery” When told he had actually said it, all she could say was “wow”.

When talking last night about Christmas, Gavin said to his Uncle Curtis: I’m going to give you the opportunity to give me something really special Honest.

Gavin and I were in the car the other day and we were listening to stories on CD. There is one called “The Princess Whom Nobody Could Silence.” In the story two brothers are travelling to a castle to try and win a princess who always have to have the last word. One of the […]

Yesterday was the end of an era – as Gavin asked to take down the “No Cows Allowed” sign on the front door. His quote: They can’t climb the stairs, so we don’t need the sign anymore. It was pretty impressive.

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