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as said by Gavin today: “Let’s all remember, I’m the King, OK?”

Gavin has been wiggling that tooth all summer. We were at Sunday night dinner at Wendy and Colin’s house and it came out! It was a big surprise to Gavin. “It is so small” was his comment, with a big look of wonderment on his face. He said he wants to keep the first one, […]

While in the car, Gavin was talking about his expansive knowledge of Spanish. Declan said I know Spanish…Ooh la la

While packing up the Christmas stuff yesterday, Gavin kept talking about the ‘Activity Set’ (what most mortals call the Nativity Set). So I guess it’s a good thing he’s going to a Catholic school…

While at the Swansons hay maze while Declan napped.

Gavin had his first full day of kindergarten today. His favorite part was… Recess and choice time. Photos from starbucks below.

So Gavin tried his first adult word yesterday, and it’s my fault. I muttered it under my breath and then waited to see how long it would take for Gavin to try it out. Total time: less than 10 minutes. We’re driving to the store, and Gavin asked if we could go to the Fabric […]

Gavin and I were reading one of his favorite books about sharks and he was sounding out the names of the different shark teeth – Milk, Goblin, Cow – and I said “why don’t we try to read a Bob book?” (“Bob Books First”) He said “we have those at school for two of the […]

So Gavin goes to school with other boys who have older brothers. Gavin gets exposed to stuff he wouldn’t normally. His friends talk about Star Wars, Superman, Batman and of course…Spiderman. So Gavin’s friends begets Gavin begets Declan. Sitting in the car today Declan starts saying Mynha (pause, 2, 3) mahn.Mynha (pause, 2, 3) mahn.Mynha […]

We had an older Nativity Set that Gavin liked playing with. It was falling apart, so we purchased a new one last night. He doesn’t call it a Nativity Set, he calls it an Activity Set.

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