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Today as I was walking Declan home from preschool in the stroller he said “Mom, you know what I want to do when I’m all grown up like you?” I’m thinking astronaut, policeman, fireman – the usual. My youngest then says “I want to jump off a cliff….and hang onto a hang glider and you […]

Sometimes my pants itch.

While in the car, Gavin was talking about his expansive knowledge of Spanish. Declan said I know Spanish…Ooh la la

was the answer when asked why he was hugging the pole.

Declan started going to the Co-Op’s class for two year olds today. All summer, whenever we talked about Gavin going to kindergarten, declan would pipe up with “Two’s class” – so everyone would know that he was going to school as well. Here are some pictures post adventure:

My Son Elvis


I just checked in on the boys before going to bed. Gavin’s all bundled and snoozing well and Declan’s pajamas were unzipped to his diaper. In being the concerned father, I go in and start zipping him up. As his eyes opened up, I hear through his binky filled mouth What are you doing? I […]

Here sweetie, have some cereal from the bowl Do you want to see your picture? See how your face is all blotchy?

Gavin and Declan started a game where Declan rides in the stroller as a pilot (see pic). Gavin closes the hatch and Declan makes plane noises.

Declan needs “more power” Here he is after his power juice.

So Gavin goes to school with other boys who have older brothers. Gavin gets exposed to stuff he wouldn’t normally. His friends talk about Star Wars, Superman, Batman and of course…Spiderman. So Gavin’s friends begets Gavin begets Declan. Sitting in the car today Declan starts saying Mynha (pause, 2, 3) mahn.Mynha (pause, 2, 3) mahn.Mynha […]

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