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Box and Jacks


So I’m driving around with the boys this weekend and we’re listening to a CD I made of a bunch of different songs. Gavin really likes the songs from the “Walk the Line” soundtrack (Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash story with lots of music.) In the middle of some other song Declan starts saying […]

So Gavin goes to school with other boys who have older brothers. Gavin gets exposed to stuff he wouldn’t normally. His friends talk about Star Wars, Superman, Batman and of course…Spiderman. So Gavin’s friends begets Gavin begets Declan. Sitting in the car today Declan starts saying Mynha (pause, 2, 3) mahn.Mynha (pause, 2, 3) mahn.Mynha […]

Happy Boxing Day to everyone. We were eating breakfast yesterday, and Declan had already finished his so he was running around. Declan got a small Elmo (just stuffed, doesn’t do anything) and Gavin wanted to give Elmo a smooch for Declan. But first he said: “I’ll wait until I’m done chewing. I don’t want to […]

Gavin and Declan went camping over the weekend to Fort Ebey State Park. They had a grand time. Pictures can be found at the usual spot (yes, I know…a quick turn on an event – shocking!).

Declan’s quote of the week Wow We were at the waterfront on our way to the Aquarium. There was a cruise ship a couple of piers down. Gavin said Wow Dad, that’s ginormous (gi as in gyroscope) Declan follows up with his quote. He’s said it quite a bit over the weekend, and in the […]

High Five


Declan knows how to give high fives. Gavin was playing with one of Declan’s toys, and Declan walked over to see what was going on. Gavin decided to play traffic officer and held out his hand to give the stop sign, saying “Stop”. Declan walked up to Gavin, gave him a high five, turned and […]

Oh, the backlog


bad parents, no biscuit (no excuse). Here’s what’s happened (as you know) – went to Hawaii (pictures posted) – Declan is crawling, birthdays for Jet, Ben, Wendy, Gavin, Declan, Grandpa Ray and a cast of thousands. Backlogged stories are going to be posted, new stories are going to be posted.

Grandpa Ron celebrates his birthday today and Gavin and Declan both wish him a great day

Gavin had a great Christmas and was worried that he would not be asleep by the time Santa showed. Santa has a new cookie and milk plate – and had sprinkle cookies – although Gavin wanted to give him the same sugar cookies as last year. They had a great time Christmas Eve when we […]

May you get lots of gelt and have great latkes. Mmmmm, latkes.

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