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Declan while playing Star Wars Legos: “Okay, now we’re going to fight some bad guys. We are going to fight Count Dooku and Darth Vadar at the same time. This is called multi-tasking.”

Well he had one pulled, but that doesn’t count. Tonight after lots of rough play in the basement with the tribe kids D finally lost that one that has been hanging by a thread. We’ll see what he gets for it ….

Gavin used his white board to create a “computer” this evening. I was in the kitchen and I heard him at the dining room sort of screaming in what sounded like frustration. I walked in and he’s shaking his hands above his head and saying “My computer crashed! Oh no! all it is showing me […]

Today as I was walking Declan home from preschool in the stroller he said “Mom, you know what I want to do when I’m all grown up like you?” I’m thinking astronaut, policeman, fireman – the usual. My youngest then says “I want to jump off a cliff….and hang onto a hang glider and you […]

While in the car, Gavin was talking about his expansive knowledge of Spanish. Declan said I know Spanish…Ooh la la

Gavin and Declan playing with Ben’s LEGOs. Note D’s frustration

And a day at the wading pool with a side of pizza and Ben & Jerry’s

I went in to check on the boys tonight and Declan is sleeping completely splayed out on top of his blankets (this is completely normal) but tonight his Hanna Anderssen jammies are unzipped all the way to the bottom. Don’t ask me how since, if asked, he can zip them about half way up but […]

Declan and Gavin were playing around with an old set of walkie-talkies we have. Declan decided that not only do you merely have to yell into it to be heard without pressing the button (it works for most of the house) it is actually called a “talkie-walkie.”

Knock knock.


Declan’s latest Knock Knock joke: Knock knock. who’s there who who who who who? Mommy.

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