Gavin and I were reading one of his favorite books about sharks and he was sounding out the names of the different shark teeth – Milk, Goblin, Cow – and I said “why don’t we try to read a Bob book?” (“Bob Books First”) He said “we have those at school for two of the kids who can read.” I said we should give it a try.

He read Sam all the way through, but was laughing so hard at the part where Mat sits on Sam that he had trouble finishing, and then he read the first two pages of 0 to 10. He also thought it was pretty funny that Zed has zero beds. Gavin now thinks reading is fun – thanks to the Bob Book creators!

As he was brushing his teeth and dancing in front of the mirror after:

Mom: “Are you proud of yourself?”
Gavin: “Yep!”
Mom: “That’s great – you should be. I bet that feels really good.”
Gavin: “Yep!”

When we went upstairs for bed he went over to Declan’s crib to tell him, but Declan was already asleep. I guess that will have to wait until morning.

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